£40 Cashback… terms and conditions apply

£40 Cashback… terms and conditions apply

Yesterday I purchased a printer.  It came with a special promotion: £40 off, I was told to visit the PC World website and click on ‘cashback’.

So once I was home and the printer was set up, I asked my son to apply for the cashback.  He went on the website, but couldn’t find the link.  He googled it, but couldn’t find the link.  I gave him the receipt which had the store number, and told him to call it.

He got through to automated messages, ‘if your call is about a cash back promotion, press 4’… and so on, until the final message was ‘please visit the following website: www…….’.  He put the phone down and I observed quietly, thinking ‘welcome to my life, Shuayb.’

He couldn’t find the link on that website, so I told him to call back and actually speak to someone.  So he did.  Press 2,  press 4… finally he spoke to a human being, who said, sorry, you’re speaking to the wrong department, would you like me to redirect your call?… and so it continued.   Sorry you need to speak to HP… sorry you need to speak to PC World….  ‘hang on we already spoke to PC World, they told me to speak to you‘….  the best one:  Sorry, we only have a promotion for £30 cashback or £50, not £40.  Finally, the last person he spoke to said ‘I’m sorry you have to wait 28 days after the day of purchase and then phone back.’  Great.

Son: Can I have your direct number please?

Man on the other end: It’s the number you dialled.

Son: Err… I didn’t dial you directly, it took us 10 redirects to get to you.

So about an hour later, we got the number to dial, and made a note to call on the 5th September for the amazing £40 cashback.

Doesn’t seem amazing anymore.  Was it worth it?

£40 cashback…..  terms and conditions apply.

It really made me think of all the times we have to go through unnecessary stress to get what we need and once we finally get it, one really wonders if it was worth it. Like asking others to clear the magic coffee table, or put the shoes away in the lobby.

Just do it yourself or leave it there.

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