5 REASONS for being grateful in 2013

5 REASONS for being grateful in 2013

Alhamdolillah!  This year starts off with becoming more organised with blogging, and also starting to re-write my mentoring material.  In doing so, I found out that I started blogging in January 2009, just after gaining freedom from my eldest son’s 11+ preparation!  Times flies!  He’s taking his GCSE’s this year!

So in the spirit of the number 5, as it has been % years since I’ve been blogging, Mashallah! 🙂  I will be starting a series of posts here at Cherished and Successful!


5 Reasons for me to be grateful this year:


I am grateful for having started something off and not quit!  In the last 5 years I have started off a whole lot of other stuff which I haven’t been consistent in, as per my normal habit!  So this is a HUGE gift from Allah.  Thank you.


Alhamdolillah, my husband is the only son and the eldest child in a Pakistani family, and even though the cultural expectations for him to live with his parents is extremely high, after living together for 16 years, in 2013 we created two separate living spaces downstairs and now my mother in law and I have our own living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms.  I can’t believe how kind Allah was to us.  Thank you.



I have come to the end of a five year slog of doing my best with preparing my children for the eleven plus, even though my youngest didn’t get through.  The end of 2013 was a reset moment for me where I re-placed Allah in charge of my affairs… I think I had kind of lost the way and thought I was in charge of the whole affair, Oops!


I’ve also stuck to a deeply nutritious diet and lifestyle! It has been somewhat consistent, and very gradual.  We have eliminated the majority of foodstuffs containing vegetable oil, eat lots of vegetables, try to have little red meat, eat more fish, and Ive been baking my own bread!  So all my readers and friends who have been waiting to see ‘Let’s see if Sara sticks with her bread-maker, and then we will go and get one’, GO ON!  What ARE YOU WAITING FOR! Haha!


I am feeling at peace with the new direction I have taken with my mentoring approach.  Whereas at first my approach was completely following the principles of The Surrendered Wife, I have now moved on further Mashallah to incorporate leadership, boundaries, giving love,  healing from the past, and clearing negativity, and planting new seeds of change!  I am SO excited about this!  I’m now working on rewriting my mentoring material, so watch this space!


What are you grateful for about the year 2013?  Think about it, it puts things into perspective!

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