A Master Practitioner!

A Master Practitioner!

This weekend my training (which started well before I became pregnant) was completed, Alhamdolillah!  I have finally become an NLP Master Practitioner!  It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience at New Oceans NLP,  Dower House, Herts, with amazing trainers and amazing team members,  and I learnt truly amazing techniques including Hypnosis and Timeline Therapy.  NLP is such a broad and vast area of skills which one can utilise to learn, teach and communicate.

Baby is 15 months old now, MashaAllah, and life is getting somewhat manageable once again.  Aside to the homeschooling, I’ve slowly dipped my toes back into mentoring again, and am contemplating hosting a monthly local coffee morning, God Willing.  I am visiting a book club next week in High Wycombe where the ladies there and I will be discussing The Surrendered Wife – how exciting!

I’m a bit scarred after the 2 hacking incidents on my computer, what with the kids mucking around and downloading cool things… we’ve got a new PC which we all use and I save my laptop for website stuff – which means that I have to wait till the right moment to set it up (if I leave the laptop open, little fingers started pressing (or banging) the buttons, pulling out cables, oh, the joys! However, it would be nice to start posting regularly again.




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