About Aunty Thankful

Hi, I’m Aunty Thankful!

Sometimes it is tempting to look at people with good marriages and assume they have had it easy, that THEIR husbands are perfect, that they came from happy healthy families and that they have naturally got patient, surrendered dispositions and were born with excellent communication skills.

Then you meet me. Someone with a (thankfully) good marriage who has struggled to be patient and surrendered, has had dire communication skills and came from an unhealthy family.

I have learnt from Inspirity how to practise the principles of The Surrendered Wife – I read the book years ago but only did the bits I was naturally good at and I didn’t tackle the rest. If you think that’s bad you should have seen what I did after I read Fascinating Womanhood – a caricature of womanhood possessed my body for a few days and my husband started to worry I needed professional help (Note to self: Calling him a “hairy beast” is fascinating – “bearded dictator” is not).

If you ever do have the pleasure of meeting me then you will probably be disappointed, I am a middle aged stay-at-home-mom with faults and failings like everyone else. I hope we can all get something from my writing.

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