About Cherished and Successful

Cherished and Successful is all about nourishing the soul through Love, Leadership, Wisdom and Strength.  It is about realising that when you love, show gratitude, let go of controlling others and instead: grab your own life by the reins, things magically fall into place.

Well… not magically. It’s not really magic.  It’s Allah creating openings.

I blog and mentor as a way of doing my bit for the world.  It is a busy life, but a rich and rewarding experience. I am passionate about helping women to find their own authenticity, and in doing so, watching their lives and loved ones be enriched with the experience!


As a a Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), I mentor women using my own personalised approach, which is a fusion of the teachings of Islam and a variety of wisdoms I have picked up along my journey.  And the journey continues.

The Blog

Successful marriages are the cornerstones of our society; yet we are often at a loss on how to create them.  I found success in life (and thus marriage) through applying the teachings of all the resources found on this blog, and I feel immense gratitude towards all the people who have helped become the person I am, as well as to Allah, God, for showing me the way.  I use this website as a way giving something back to the world, and leaving a soft mark in the universe.

You may find some books that I mention contain certain sections that do not apply to your faith, in which case I urge you to make your own decision to take the good and leave the rest.  My intention is to provide you with information that I personally found beneficial, and I am not endorsing other works of the authors I recommend.  Indeed, I have found some books to be excellent, even though they discuss certain topics, which I do not find applicable to my own faith – and I choose not to pursue those topics.

Online Mentoring

Online Mentoring is available seasonally for women to receive mentoring via seminars.

With regards to mentoring, please note the following:

  • All mentoring is provided on a woman-to-woman basis using my own life experiences and knowledge as a model, and is not intended to replace professional help. In fact, some members of this site have benefited from the help of qualified counselors and therapists and I urge people facing serious problems to seek professional help.
  • All ladies remain responsible for their own choices and whether or not they choose to follow advice on here.
  • When I make suggestions on the forum they are not commands, and ladies remain responsible for their decisions and their lives.
  • Often when transferring speech into writing, the meaning can change without it intending to, by poor writing, lack of emphasis on some words, too much emphasis on other words, etc.  Often when replying to discussions regularly, errors and typos can be made when typing fast, and words may be misinterpreted. Hence, please bear in mind that all discussions are responded to in good faith from how they can be perceived in written form.
  • During my personal mentoring journey, I have come across scenarios where the approach I use does not work effectively.  Quite often, it is a learning curve for me, and I use these situations to re-evaluate my approach.  I do not have the “definitive” answer/formula, however, I endeavor to improve my own approach whenever the opportunity arises.

For all these reasons, I welcome feedback both positive and negative from all the Cherished and Successful readers.

I absolutely love engaging with other women, helping them create healthy happier homes where laughter and lively banter are the norm.  I look forward to getting to know you more!

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