Admit when things aren’t working

Admit when things aren’t working

I always wanted an Aloe Vera plant so you can only guess how happy I was to buy one from a hippy chick at a farmers market. “What can I use it for?” I asked with the enthusiasm of a new Aloe Vera owner.”Burns” she said, pocketing my cash. I was a bit disappointed, burns are a mercifully rare occurance in my family, I wanted something I could supplement with.

Then she explained that I could break off a tip of any leaf and suck out the gel – the tip would just grow right back.

That night I broke the tip off one leaf and ate the most bitter and nasty gel I can ever remember eating, the leaf didn’t grow back either, it just shrivelled and slowly died.

Still I did not learn, I put the Aloe Vera in the corner of my bath and put little heart shaped stones around it.

Alas, last month (after over a year of nurturing) I finally opened my eyes and admitted – that is one ugly plant. Even the hamster doesn’t want to eat it.

So for months I’ve lived with an ugly, bad tasting plant just because I didn’t want to see it for what it was. The dream Aloe Vera did not match the real thing. I’ve now put it out of sight and am better for it.

If you have a little part of your life which isn’t working, take one step to change it today.

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