Being Intimate With Young Babies

Being Intimate With Young Babies

How do you deal with the baby waking up in the cot when being intimate in bed….puts me on edge …

Answer by Anonymous:

Just because we have kids around, people get stressed out and don’t even bother to make time because they know it will probably get interrupted, but it doesn’t matter. If you don’t make the time now and just keep thinking when the kids get older we will have more time together, I think you run the risk that you may have drifted so far apart by when that there is no husband/wife relationship left, so many couples get divorced soon after the kids flock the nest as they have nothing holding them together anymore.

Since very early on in our marriage we have had babies and as soon as one has left the bed another as arrived but it has never been a issue,
I agree with about moving elsewhere in the house, being spontaneous is also a great for keeping the spark alive. But mainly I think just looking on the lighter side of life even with when we are in the midst of it all and the baby wakes, just to laugh and be disappointed and promise to be right back, sorry to be so open but I only want to help but , I have breastfed all my babies and during lovemaking baby would wake up and I would feed baby with my back to D.H and he would continue to stroke my back or I would ask him to, how does that sound? is that to weird?

I think there is a time for more racy love making and then a baby would ruin the atmosphere and then I would take the “back in one minute handsome and we’ll have to start all over again, wink ” approach but for other times I think we need to see that loving making is natural and healthy and in these times we need to be completely and willingly available for our husbands esp when we have little ones, hay its a great form of stress relief.

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