Feminine touches

Feminine touches

I am, by nature, a brutally practical creature. Fortunately I married a man who is equally practical. For years we lived in a house devoid of ornaments, silk flowers, vases, oil burners, indoor plants and the like. The surfaces that other people would use to display such ‘clutter’ were instead taken up with practical (and ugly) things, such as books, face cream, glasses and toys. Lots of toys.

Then I read “Sink Reflections” by Marla Cilley and I finally understood what feminine touches are for – they are for keeping clutter off window sills, shelves and mantlepieces. I have silk flowers, oil burners, vases, indoor plants, vases and candles instead of the ugly clutter of daily life in my house. My husband doesn’t love my feminine touches, but I do. My house feels cleaner and tidier, my surroundings are prettier and I haven’t had to nag anyone about keeping the window sills clear. My feminine touches scare the men of the house away without a cross word being spoken.

Clear one clutter hot spot and put an attractive and feminine ornament on it. Preferably choose something that doesn’t require a lot of maintainance.

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