Giving the gift of bread

Giving the gift of bread

Ever since I have had my breadmaker, I have always wanted to share the touching, smelling, experiencing fresh bread!  It is now one of my sacred passions!


So I’ve now started giving bread as a gift!  I love the reaction of my friends when I present them with a gift bag, and tell them I’ve baked them some bread!  At first, they are surprised, as in ‘She bought me some WHAT?  BREAD?’ And then as they peer into the bag and see a bundle of love, they become filled with awe and then delight!  It’s so wonderful to experience the joy of giving! Alhamdolillah!  I’ve started buying pretty tea towels just for the occasion, and recently I’ve bought gift tags for the occasion! So sweet!

On the morning that I know I’m going to see a friend, I set my breadmaker to bake one of my favourite loaves.  Winners are usually malted raisin loaf or tomato and Parmesan.

When it’s ready, I start preparing my tea towel – ironing it if needed!  This is serious business!

Then I get my ribbon out:

I wrap my bread up with love and tie the ribbon around it.  (Now’s the time to hand-write a gift tag if you have one.)

And then place it in a paper bag – a gift bag will do!

Et voila! It is ready to give!

Doesn’t it look adorable!!! Peek a boo baby!

So I took it to my darling friend’s house as I was taking something over for lunch.  My friend insisted that we dressed the table with it.

But then she felt it was missing something, so she got to work on the salad she was going to make it:

Didn’t she do a great job?!

Mashallah! What a gorgeous spread!  We were having so much fun doing this!

Say Bismillah and enjoy good company, good food!

It’s lovely to take a gift and watch the joy of someone open it!

What will you give?


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