He beats me up, but he does love me.

He beats me up, but he does love me.

Dear Abused & Oppressed Sister,

You do know that your husband doesn’t love you, don’t you?

He wouldn’t punch you in the face, if he loved you.

And now that he has beaten you up and is feeling sorry for you with your black eye and fat lips, he is being nice to you.

And if you accept his gestures as love, then you are behaving like a little abused puppy, with its tongue hanging out, and not like the daughter of Adam, may Allah bless him and give him peace, who was created as an inheritor of the earth and of paradise, and was superior over all creation, including dogs with their tongues hanging out.

The daughter of Adam was created so superior to all creation that even the angels, may Allah grant them all peace, prostrated to her father!

And remember that even that little abused puppy that gets kicked around will eventually bare its teeth and start biting its master and become fierce, and will run away, and escape in this big, beautiful world.

So rise, oh daughter of Adam, and inherit this earth as Allah intended you to.

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