Help – I have so many negative thoughts.

Help – I have so many negative thoughts.

Dear Sara.

I am in such a low place.  I cant move forward, as I am consumed with negative thoughts.  Is there anything I can do, is there any hope for me?


Downin Thedumps

Dear Downin Thedumps

I’m so sorry to read that you were so down. I pray that Allah has made things easier for you. It sounds like you have been through a very difficult time! Its sad that you can get so low.

Where do you go from here?  Well, its simple…. You find every negative thought and belief and you work on it.  You are NOT abnormal!  We all have negative thoughts, some more than others, and we all have our own ways of dealing with things.  Personally, I am prone to negative thinking, and I don’t like it!  So each time I have a thought which disturbs me balance of inner-peace, I always take time out and work through the issue to clear it.  This is where my Inner Wise-Woman helps me to clear my soul of pollutants and nourish me with positive values and affirmations.

Alhamdolillah.  It might not seem simple…. as there is work to be done.  HOWEVER, it is essential to clear your soil of the many, many weeds which can grow, and allow the roots to flourish.  It is a mundane process, sometimes it can hurt, sometimes it can put strain on other parts of the body (as can gardening) but know that clearing your garden has tremendous benefits and the results of a clear garden with flourishing growth is a beauty to behold, is it not? Remember the best gardens have regular wedding, tilling and planting, and the most mature gardens are the most splendid.

Call me, and lets do some more weeding!

All my love,



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