How many times have you consciously decided to do something different, yet when it comes to the crunch you unconsciously fall in to your tried and tested habits?

Do you know why that is? Because your unconscious is running a well versed program, or script.   Unconsciously, your beliefs and values will keep kicking in

Hypnosis is a technique used to access and speak to the unconscious mind.  By reprogramming the unconscious with positive outcomes and affirmations, you can carry on your day to day life and allow your unconscious to do all the decision making… for the better!

What will my hypnosis session involve?

When you come for your Hypnosis session, we will first look at your desired outcome, and see if there is any Inner Clearing we need to do around it.   After that, we will have a session of hypnosis!   You will sit back and listen to me talking about what is important to you, relax and allow your full being to absorb all the positive values and outcomes that you have identified.  In this relaxed state, your conscious mind will take a back seat and your unconscious will take in all the positivity it needs.

When you leave the session and go home, you will find yourself consciously getting on with your day to day routines, and when needed, your unconscious mind will let those positive values and outcomes come into fruition…. Inshallah!

Isn’t hypnosis a load of mumbo jumbo?

Lol.   I have to admit, there are many versions of hypnosis out there, and the origins involved pendulums and carnival tricks, but hypnosis in NLP is simply a method of accessing the unconscious through words.  Our session will involve you sitting comfortably, and me talking to you ever so gently.  There will be no touching, no pendulums and definitely no crystal balls, no chanting, no smoke and no evil laughter! We are in the 21st century now darlings, and this is not showbiz!

Is it a guaranteed fix?

As with all healing and medicine, when then dis-ease has gone, so will the symptoms.   Sometimes one session is enough; sometimes you might need another after a few weeks.  Remember, you have unconsciously been running the same unhealthy scripts for your lifetime! In order to rewrite those scripts, you may have to take the medicine more than once in order to completely remove them from your life.

Furthermore, sometimes you may have further Inner Clearing to do in order for the hypnosis to be successful.  Sometimes there are weeds hidden in our Inner Gardens which are not noticed until you want to start growing something in that area….!

So come along and create the life you want!

So if you want to change for the better, it’s time to come and see me (face to face only) and reset your unconscious mind!

Hypnosis can be used for weight loss, overcoming negative behaviours, achieving desired outcomes, and more!

I’ve personally benefitted from hypnosis for weight loss – I reprogrammed my self to stop eating when full and to only eat when hungry, and it works a charm!


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