In the spirit of Mother’s Day

In the spirit of Mother’s Day

I was at a women’s only fund-raiser yesterday for my child’s old school (I did tell you that I’m homeschooling him now, didn’t I?) where I had the fortunate opportunity to hear an uplifting and encouraging speech by Sister Rahma, who is a counsellor and an NLP master practitioner.  She was addressing the importance of being a good role model for our children by taking action, and living (and not just talking about) the words of Allah and His messenger, may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him. At one point in the evening she told us that we, as mothers can often abuse our children by the language in which we address them, and admonish them.

Here’s a chance for a chuckle, reading some ‘resentment’ poetry  for Mother’s day – watch your language or one day you child could well relate to some of these rib-ticklers-with-serious-underlying-messages.

“Mother, you’ve done such an amazing job
That now I’m fully grown
You can’t make me feel guilty any more
As I can do that all on my own!”

Source: The Independent

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