Love Love Love

Love Love Love

In my journey through the world of self-help books I came across a scientist who took a glass of water and said “love, love, love” into it. He then watered a cohort of cress seeds with it. At the same time he took a glass of water and didn’t say “love, love, love” into it and he used that to water a different set of cress seeds.

Guess what? When he measured hundreds of seedlings from each group, there was a mathematically significant difference in the height of the seedlings, the only difference in their environments was (of course) what he had said into the water he used to water them. The “loved” seedlings were taller.

He said this showed water has an emotional memory, which influences the living organism it ends up it. Humans are about 70% water, so saying positive things to them may (or may not) affect their water, their cells, their organs and their entire bodies.


What does strike me, is that if a man can whisper “love” into water and feed it to cress seeds – I can say loving things to the people I live with (my husband and children).

Today I will say one loving thing to everyone in my house.

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