Mrs. Hopeless Doesnt Know How to Relax

Mrs. Hopeless Doesnt Know How to Relax

The Case of Mrs. Hopeless.

Mrs Hopeless was feeling very irritated. Her children were poorly and she was so tired of cooking and cleaning and tending to their needs –all-day-long!

She wished she could have a rest, but it just didn’t seem possible.

What she really wanted was some time out! She would have liked to have a few hours to herself, instead, she couldn’t stop thinking about the pile of ironing she had to do, the kids sniffling with runny noses and keeping the house spotless! How she wished that Mr. Husband would get her a maid!
She waited anxiously for Mr. Husband to return home from work. She greeted him with a desperate hug. “Honey, I’m so glad your home, I’m so tired!” she hissed wildly.

Mr. Husband had had a hard day aswell, and was feeling his RSI strain on his neck; he immediately started to compete with Mrs. Hopeless – replying with “Oh my neck and shoulders are totally wasted hon, make us a cuppa”.

Mrs. Hopeless felt err… pretty hopeless. What an imbecile of a husband she had! Grr…! She slammed the kettle on the counter after she filled it, and proceeded to switch on the iron. What she needed was an excuse to get her noticed around here. He didn’t care if she was tired. What she needed was to get sick! She looked to the heavens and whispered “Dear Lord, let me get sick so I can have a break, too!”. She should claim she had the flu and take some bed rest. “That will show him that I am human, too!” she muttered under her breath.

The days passed the same as usual, Mrs. Hopeless cooked nutritious meals for her family, kept the house clean, feeling totally exhausted as baby number 4 was keeping her awake during the nights. A few days later, Mrs. Hopeless developed a terrible headache. It got worse and worse and she started to feel miserable. Her body started to ache and her body became very hot… “Oh dear!” she panicked, “I’m getting ill!” Mrs. Hopeless started to remember exactly what was involved with getting ill… constant medicine, bed rest, aching bones, stinging eyes. To be topped off with crying babies, food to cook and a hypochondriac of a husband. “Oh Lord!” she cried frantically. “Please give me health and strength! Don’t let me get ill! I’m sorry I made that prayer!”

Mrs Hopeless would have done well to express her tiredness to her husband beforehand, regardless of his answer. She should have listened to the messages her body was giving her and taken a rest in bed with candles and soothing natural sounds. She didn’t need to be sick to have a rest and relax! She should have fed the kids and told them they needed to keep themselves busy for an hour while she relaxed and recharged her batteries. And if her hypochondriac of a husband complained of a migraine, she should have sweetly set out some tablets and some water for him before going to relax in her bubble bath.

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