Mrs Hopeless Gets a Washing Machine

Mrs Hopeless Gets a Washing Machine

After a really long wait, Mrs. Hopeless had succeeded in getting her husband do buy her a new washing machine. The current one was old and cranky and had even stopped washing the clothes probably. Something to do with the spin cycle, she guessed.

Finally the day came when the washing machine arrive. The deliverymen bought it in, while Mrs Hopeless and her children watched with excitement. The washing machine was left in the front hallway, she signed the delivery sheet and off the men went.

Mrs Hopeless closed the door and walked in back into the hall way with satisfaction. Great! A new washing machine. This one had all the latest functions – a short 15 minute wash, a silk cycle… it even had the ability to beep once the cycle was complete! With all these little extras, Mrs. Hopeless could see her wash day become a lot easier and less tasking.

As the children gathered round the machine, her daughters looked up at her and asked a question which made Mrs. Hopeless’s heart sink. “Mummy,” the enquired, “how long will the Washing machine stay in the hall way…?”

Good question. Mrs. Hopeless knew her husband was not going to fit it any time soon. She signed disappointedly. “Oh, I don’t know dears,” she replied back. Mrs. Hopeless’s youngest daughter smiled mischievously and said “I bet you anything that it will be here another month.” “Yeah, right!” cried Mrs. Hopeless. “You are so wrong, honey! I bet you it will be here at least two months before your father has the sense to move it from here!”

And despondently, she walked into the kitchen and got back to cooking supper. Whilst cooking, her thoughts were continuously on her husband. Why did he have to be so unsupportive? He was such an amazing figure of the community, always helping out, always on calla for the latest community needs. Why wasn’t he as helpful at home?> When was she to get her knight in shining armour to slay all the dragons she had in her home? Why was her community so much more important to him than his family?

As the days went by, Mrs. Hopeless mentioned the washing machine to many of her friends. One particular friend was at her house one morning, who noticed the new washing machine. “Oh, you have a new washer!” She exclaimed. “Yes,” said Mrs. Hopeless wryly. “We got it a few days ago. My kids and I already have bets on to see how long it will stay in the hallway. I’m sure my husband isn’t going to do it anytime soon!”

“I have the perfect suggestion for you!” exclaimed the friend knowingly. “It’s a foolproof method which will get your washer in the kitchen in no time.” “Go on.. Mrs. Hopeless prodded her friend for more details.

“Easy. This evening when your husband is watching the TV, just walk over to the washer, and start moving it. Make a big deal out of it, huffing and puffing… and watch him get up and start helping you. Then, you simply strep back and let him do the rest! Simple!” beamed the well-meaning friend.

Mrs Hopeless snorted. Her friend was probably right! He was never going to move it, and it would be better for all parties concerned if she kick-started the process by making the first move.

Mrs. Hopeless mulled over this idea for a few days, telling her friends what she was proposing to do. Her husband was such an irresponsible guy, he would never do it without being prodded. She waited for the right moment to make her move!

A few days later, during the period that Mrs. Hopeless was still making up her mind on when to start moving the washer, Mrs. Hopeless returned from dropping her daughters to an after-school cooking club. As she walked into the house, she noticed the hallway looking a lot cleaner and tidier than usual. Something was missing but she couldn’t really put her finger on what. She walked into the kitchen, and her mouth dropped open in amazement.

There was her washing machine, all fitted and plumbed in her kitchen. As she looked at it with happiness, she felt a stab of guilt as she recalled the bet she had made with her children.

For some reason the joy of having a new washing machine fitted and plumbed was no longer such a big deal. She felt a guilty feeling within her body, and as she took a breath in, she felt very heavy.

You see, Mrs Hopeless would have done better to have a good opinion of her husband. She wanted to have her new washing machine fitted quickly, and was afraid it would remain in the hall way for a long time. She could have let him know what she had wanted, and what her fears were. Instead, she had even made bets with her children, reinforcing in their minds as well as hers that her husband was irresponsible and didn’t really care about the family.

The great thing is that her husband did not know that she had been thinking all of these things, nor did he know that she was ready to move it herself, just to manipulate him into moving it. Had he know, he most probably would have waited a few months before moving the washing machine. It would have been the perfect self-fulfilling prophecy.

Mrs Hopeless knew this, and she shook her head and told herself off for having such a low opinion of her husband. She took a big long sigh, started to express her gratitude to God for such a good caring husband, and started practicing what she would say when her husband would return home from work in the evening, and she would have the opportunity to thank him. Perhaps she should would cook him one of his favourite dishes, after all, he was deserved it after all that work today.

Mrs Hopeless, well done for the renewed intention! We are rooting for you!

Prayers and al-fatiha for Mrs. Hopeless.

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