Mrs. Hopeless Misses Out on Receiving a Gift

Mrs. Hopeless Misses Out on Receiving a Gift

The Case of Mrs. Hopeless.

Mrs. Hopeless went from a stroll in the park with her best friend, their children and their husbands.
Whilst there, Mr. Husband carried their ds on his shoulders while she pushed the pram. Her friend’s husband, seeing that she was having to push the pram and wishing to give her a gift, offered to push the pram for her.
Mrs. Hopeless, politely and graciously declined, knowing she was all too capable of pushing the pram, and didn’t want to put someone else to any inconvenience.
It would have been far better if she had received the gift and enjoyed the leisurely stroll in the park with no pram to push.
Prayers and Al Fatiha for Mrs. Hopeless.
Read all about Receiving in Laura Doyle’s Things Will Get as Good as You Can Stand.

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