Need your man!

Need your man!

For centuries men were needed by their womenfolk. We needed them to provide us with a safe space to raise our children and to survive. It was men who risked injury and death by hunting and fighting predators and other tribes when our ancestors lived in caves and wore mammoth skins. Up until the Industrial Revolution it was men who did the hard physical work on the land and provided for their families.

Feminism repaid this sacrifice and toil with the slogan “a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle” and psychologists have labelled the word “need” as co-dependent and unhealthy.

It’s sad because when women enter marriage (or don’t enter marriage but have a ‘partnership’ with their mate) we often give off vibes of independence and the man becomes a liability if he doesn’t match an ideal.

I feel that I need my husband in my life and he needs me – I can never do the things he does and he couldn’t replace me. We’re a team where we both bring different strengths and qualities to the family, without which there would be an imbalance and unmet needs.

Be proud that you need your husband and bask in the knowledge that he needs you, it’s the way marriage has always been and how all successful marriages are today.

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