Nourishing the family with time-out

Nourishing the family with time-out

These holidays my hubby and I are really focusing on self-care.  As you know, we are working REALLY hard this time as we have LOTS of relaxing to do!  LOL.

Alhamdolillah, through the mercy and kindness of Allah, we are doing well and are on track!  This is Boot Camp Self Care!

Yesterday we visited a National Trust site called Frensham Pond.  It was 45 minutes away.  We woke up early, packed some sandwiches and drinks, got our winter warmers on, and left.

My inner-warrior was on red alert, and I was adamant on being a Hands Free Mama.  I took my knitting along for the journey but my kids decided that if they couldn’t DS and Iphone, then I couldn’t knit!  I see their point!  Frensham Pond was amazing.  MashaAllah, We had a wonderful time.

We savoured Allah’s beauty, marvelled the glistening lake, wrote in the sand, prayed at the summit, lay in a teepee, took out moments to show my little one to delight in the Allah’s beauty and enjoyed being together, as one. I took lots of deep breaths and smiled.  I squashed my urge to yell, hurry, reprimand.  And just enjoyed life without my daily distractions…

Oh yeah… I put my phone on airplane mode! 🙂



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