Swear at him and act stroppy, that way he respects you….?

Swear at him and act stroppy, that way he respects you….?

Does my husband really want a more bossy babe on his arm? Ok this is my concern. Even though surrendering is making a massive positive impact on my marriage there is this one niggling doubt.

Do men secretly, deep down want a fiesty independent woman who is a bit, well, bossy.

I am just asking because so many of my friends are so obviously demanding, in charge, outspoken and seem happily married. Some are downright stroppy, yet they seem to have doting husbands who jump to their every command while I am saying ‘I want…’ without having my heart attached to the outcome. Does my husband really want a more bossy babe on his arm?

And let’s be honest, the sexy women on the billboards (I know, I know – The Beauty Myth) are all aggression in frilly knickers, not vulnerable and gently feminine wives. But men are prepared to pay good money just to look at pictures of them so they must be attractive.

I know my marriage has never been better since joining this seminar, so I must be doing something right, right? But what if, secretly, deep down my husband would prefer a marriage with more sparks and rows? This was my sister’s advise to me once – swear at him and act stroppy, that way he respects you.

Answer by Anonymous: Why men like bitchy women? ‘I’ve asked a couple of men this, and here’s what I was told.

Those types of women seems unattainable and at the least a challenge. Men want to be able to attain them (so to speak), but after learning that they can…really have no further interest. They just like the chase and that’s about it. Most men don’t think so highly of bitches, and certainly don’t want any type of relationship with them. They are merely a trophy. At least that’s how it was explained to me.’

And then Fascinating womanhood’s take on being sparky:

‘Childlikeness translates into many things being outspoken, playful, joyful, changefulness, teasing, saucy coquettish(I love that one)!!!’

I realised lately that I had lost my spark and playfulness and that was because I had neglected my self care and left too many big issues unaddressed, and what a change it made when I started being a little of all of the above, our house has been full of jokes, banter and laughing..

I think the key is to act out your emotion as soon as you feel it in a way that is free from bitterness, resentment, hate, sarcasm or any of the ugly emotions as Helen Andelin would of put it..

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