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Our Lord Has Provided People That Can Help

The workshop provides an unique opportunity to gain insight into what, lets face it, a very difficult area for most women.

Once the henna has faded a lot of women find that marriage is not quite what they expected. In our dreams of little cottages in the country with fresh faced children skipping in the garden we hadn’t counted on husbands who had different dreams or perhaps nightmares from relationships of old, or in laws that were a constant pervasive presence. Or the fact that perhaps the career we had so diligently pursued hadn’t prepared us for our husband`s lack of career or ill health. Or the children we so wanted might be a constant source of recrimination between you and your husband.

All these are trials from our Lord and in His wisdom He has also provided people that can help, it`s up to us to seek the means.

All I Have To Do Is Stop Fixing Others…

“My biggest success is in realizing that all I have to do to become happy and content in my marriage is to stop trying to fix others and instead fix me. And fixing me means being a lot less demanding of myself and even treating myself to time off, a little indulgence and enjoying quality entertainment time with my husband or us with our children. Something I never expected to be true is that even in terms getting things done, sometimes less (work and vigilance) is more (contentment and results)!”

Empathy and Encouragement

“Sara gives good positive feedback to the questions posed to her as well as empathising and offering encouragement. I also notice she is well read with the references she makes.”

Marriage Has Never Been This Good!

“I had a conversation this morning with my darling one (the husband, not the cat) which left me so irritated….

“Well” he said, “this marriage course you are doing has made you so much nicer.” I nearly exploded!!!!!!!!!! You mean to say all those little gripes I had about him and our marriage were down to me? Surely not, my ego just cannot stand it!
OK, our marriage has never been this good but this cannot – surely to Betsy – be anything to do with me. It must be the summer sunshine, the moorland air or the holiday we just had.”

“Dear Laura Doyle,

“…I would like to draw your attention to the fact that you have an excellent trained coach in the UK, Sara. I am now taking her seminar, and it is AMAZING! She truly embodies all the characteristics of a SW, and is an excellent role model and gives support and encouragement when needed…”


“The workshop was really beneficial praise be to God. Every aspect was excellent. Sara was a lovely Sister, mashaAllah, and what she had was really inspirational. Plus really enjoyed the company of the other sisters.”

A FUN Islamic Workshop

“I’m single and after attending this workshop, I feel more confident about the process of maintaining a marriage and managing my prospective husband! It was a very FUN ISLAMIC workshop and very very practical for any type of relationship!”

Not Just For Marriage!

“A fantastic workshop mashaAllah that I’d recommend to all ladies. Principles that you can apply to any aspect of your life and relationships not just in marriage!”

Something I Will Be Teaching My Daughters

“I wrote on the day that I thought surrendering meant giving up any hang-ups and being free. I can feel that freedom already. I wasn’t sure what it was that I wanted to be free from, but I know it was being free from the guilt. I can stop controlling my husband, and begin respecting him but at the same time I’m not going to feel guilty when I say I can’t and let him manipulate me. This has lifted a great burden off my shoulders for which I will be eternally grateful.

May God shower you with many blessings and let you reap the reward for your work even after you leave this world. Ameen. It is something that I will be teaching my daughters as well, God Willing, so thank you again.”

An Enthusiastic Trainer

“A great workshop by an enthusiastic trainer who was passionate about her subject”

Transformed My Marriage!

“I came to the session thinking it cant help my marriage that drastically but the effects were instantaneous! I began seeing the man I married that very evening. I cant thank Sara enough for her friendly, approachable manner, making everyone feel comfortable enough to share their ideas, opinions and thoughts. I now have the tools to continue making improvements within my marriage, most importantly changes within myself. I am so glad I came along, it has transformed my marriage!”

A Positive Charge of Energy

“Sara was very approachable, human! She really made everyone from different walks of life welcome and part of the experience. All my friends honestly say I am a changed woman, even after a short workshop so I am keen to attend the online seminar and dig into my book! It really is a positive charge of energy and empowering to know you have women in the same situations, and to be given wind beneath my wings to soar high in success! Really really worth it – fantastic mashAllah!”

Every Woman Can Benefit

“This was an excellent course which every woman can benefit from. I believe it has transformed my thinking and intrigued me to learn more. The trainer was brilliant and I would highly recommend it.”




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