Write about it

Write about it

Flashback: when I was 26 I started going to a ladies middle eastern keep-fit class. The lady was mysterious and in-tune with her essence. After our class was over and we were all sitting, relaxed, she started talking to us about connecting with our selves, taking time out for ourselves, and getting in touch with how we feel. I remember being surprised at this little ‘lecture’ – i thought after my session I would get up and leave.

She told us that if we didn’t know how were were feeling, a good idea would be to start journalling and writing down how we felt inside. I remember listening to her cynically, thinking ‘I don’t need to journal

Smiling back at the old me, I was was so naive.

A few days or weeks later I decided to sit down and journal.

Woooooaaaaahhhhhh. So started a new part of my journey.



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